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A Thorough Intro of Vvkb Diesel Air Heater

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1. About Vvkb

Vvkb is a brand that our company(Victor Industries Ltd.) registered in USA.

It’s a catchy brand name and contains our goal and wish to sell Vvkb diesel air heaters all over the world.

You may not know how to choose a diesel heater, you can read the article:

How to Choose the Best Diesel Heater?

When you read the article carefully, you will become a professional in choosing the best diesel heater.

We hope more and more customers can enjoy using good quality diesel heaters and they only need to spend proper money to achieve that.

Currently VVKB is selling diesel heaters to USA, Canada, Australia and many countries in Europe such as UK, France, Norway, Sweden etc.

We’ve been receiving good feedback from our dealers or end users, and we will act immediately if there are any questions or problems.

We always listen to the voice from our clients and will upgrade our products if their suggestions are proved valid and useful.

That’s how VVKB heaters can be such user-friendly.

Parking Heater.1

We want our customers to use safe and pleasant diesel heaters, heaters that can bring true warmth.

However, we recently find some people and companies who are not in business with Victor Industries Ltd., use VVKB brand to help them sell more low-quality heaters!

Such behavior is absolutely not tolerable!

Below are some screenshots of those fake heaters.



2. Victor Industries Ltd. and Wenzhou Good Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.

Victor Industries Ltd. and Wenzhou Good Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. are both set up by Mr. Zhang, who started selling heaters in 1996.

The former one is our sales company in United States and the second one is our main factory, which is located in China.

The Chinese company is also in charge of part of sales so that we can deliver products more fast and easily to more countries.

The two companies above work together to make sure the product’s quality fits the taste of customers and the service is well provided.


VVKB’s business view is large and we are trying our best to build a distribution network so that customers can get products more quickly and receive full-sided service.

It’s also very helpful to our dealers who can receive more profits with such mode.

Selling heaters to anyone is not a way to grow business.

So if you are on the same page with us, we welcome you to be one of our global partners!

3. What is a diesel heater?

There are some other names for this product, such as diesel air heater, air heater, parking heater, cabin heater, night heater, RV heater, etc.

But there is only one purpose to use this product: bring hot air to the cabins and other kinds of rooms.

Cabins of cars, trucks, caravans, motorhomes, and boats.

rv heater

The heater can be applied to many kinds of vehicles.

And it can also be used to heat the tent.

So if you like camping, try this product.

It will be a great help during your adventure when it’s freezing cold outside.


So why do we not use an air conditioner to heat the cabin?

First of all, the A/C uses electricity that is generated by an engine.

Sometimes the engine won’t start if the outside temperature is really low.

Also, it could be wear to the engine as well if we use A/C very often.

The potential cost is actually bigger than we think.

While our product air heater uses diesel.

It’s economic and causes no wear to the engine.

Therefore, the market for diesel heaters is huge, and we can see from the Google Trends that more and more people are searching for such products.

It’s a great time and opportunity!


4. Why people choose VVKB heater?

As we can see, there are diesel heaters sold with many different kinds of brands.

It’s hard to distinguish good heaters from bad ones.

Webasto and Espar heaters are good for sure, but they are too expensive.

Others are selling heaters at very low prices, from which we can see the quality is definitely compromised a lot.

It’s not safe to use such heaters, and we think it’s also irresponsible to sell such heaters.


VVKB is trying his best to sell good heaters with satisfying prices, but why it’s good exactly?

We will show you by listing some points here:

  • CE, RoHS, FCC, and E-mark approved
  • Toxin-free case
  • Kyocera glow pins
  • All plugs are water-proof
  • Balance test before shipment
  • Radiator made from A380 die-cast aluminum alloy
  • Cylinder made from 2025 stainless steel
  • Low noise and vibration
  • 24/7 services
  • Detailed error solutions
  • Factory is ISO9001 approved

Boat heater

From some details, we can truly see that VVKB is caring about the user experience.

For example, apart from using a spiral structure to build the exhaust pipe, VVKB also adds an extra 20mm pipe to further lower the noise:

parking heater

Also, fuel pump and exhaust silencer might swing and get loose if the road is rough.

So VVKB adds this fixed part to secure the pump and silencer and they are stainless steel:

The third one is the clamp for the exhaust pipe.

VVKB uses this heavy-type clamp to 100% secure the pipe so that exhaust will not leak.

It’s very important to ensure this.

Small problems cause a big problem, people in VVKB know this very clearly and we will continue to listen to our customers’ needs and try our best to further upgrade the heater.

5. Package and delivery

Following is a photo showing you what’s included in the package:

And this is what VVKB package looks like:

VVKB is in a business relationship with many kinds of shipping companies: DHL, UPS, TNT, and FedEx.

For private buyers, sales man from VVKB will compare the shipping prices and find the best one for you(customers can buy heaters from our retail website: https://www.rvheater.com/).


For dealers who buy many sets of heaters, it will be more cost-efficient to ship the order by air or by sea.

We will also find the best shipping price for you and make sure the shipping time is also short.

We care about the business of our clients and we are also using win-win strategy to make sure the profits gained by our clients are satisfying.

6. Two Models

As we can see from the website: https://www.vvkb.com, there are two models for our diesel air heater: Apollo-V1 and Apollo-V2.

We have great trust and expectation in our heater, so we name them Apollo, who is the god of the sun and brings warmth to the world.


The biggest difference between V1 and V2 is rated power, V1 is 2.5kw and V2 is 5kw.

Both models can be produced with 12v or 24v main board.

That depends on the voltage of the battery customers use.

Then it’s the hot air outlet, Apollo-V1’s diameter of an outlet is 60mm while that of Apollo-V2 is 75mm(or customers can ask for a 90mm for V2).

The other parts included in the package for Apollo-V1 and Apollo-V2 are same, and the package is the one we mentioned above.


7. Optional parts

Apart from standard parts we include in the package, there are some optional parts that customers can decide whether to include.

First one is a diesel tank.

We are able to provide tanks made of different materials: plastics, iron or aluminum.

We know in some areas, diesel tanks with locks are also very popular.

You may also buy them from VVKB. 🙂

The second one is remote.

It’s fancy and useful!


Then it’s exhaust pipe.

The standard length we put in the package is 60cm.

If customers want a longer exhaust pipe, e.g. 2 meter or 3 meter, it’s totally available.

Any length is possible.

parking heater

The last one is the cable.

The standard one is 4 meter, but 6 meter is also no problem.

If customers have any other need for the order, you may just talk to the salesman and they will help you out(e.g. customers who own boats can require some parts to be made of stainless steel.)

8. Operation of VVKB diesel heater

First, let’s have a look at the control panel:

Control Panel

After the installation of heater, customer just needs to press the “on/off” button for several seconds and press it again to enter the ventilation mode.

Then press the “Heat” button to start heating.

Under the “AUTO” mode, “+” and “-” buttons are for adjusting the temperature and under manual mode(“AUTO” not shown), those two buttons are used to adjust the fan speed, which can be shown by the blacks bars on the display.

As we can see, there are two temperatures displayed.

The one above shows the ambient temperature and the one below is the set up temperature.

If customers want the temperature to be shown in Fahrenheit, just press the “AUTO” button for several seconds.

When the ambient temperature is about 2-3 Celsius degrees higher than the set-up temperature, the heater will turn off and stop heating until the ambient temperature is low.

If customers want to make it run at low fan speed when it’s up to temperature, just need to press “+” and “-” together and release when the “AUTO” is flashing.

Last but not least, customers can use this control panel to set the time.

They can decide when to start the heater or shut it off.

Control Panel(buzzer)

The device on the left is buzzer, it is used to make sound when any button is pressed.

And the one on the left is a thermostat, it monitors the room temperature so that it won’t get too hot.

If there are any errors coming out, the code will show on the display.

Customers just need to check the error solutions and the problem will be solved.

Note: most errors are caused because of improper installation, please check the instructions before installing the heater.

9. Dealership

As we’ve said above, we are trying to build a distribution network and we welcome people who are interested in becoming our dealer in their own countries.

We will provide full support to you and help you grow.

For capable clients, we will give an exclusive agent right so that you may advertise and sell heaters heart and soul.

We will also provide program access to our heaters (USB connection to computer), so it would be more convenient and efficient to solve problems.

VVKB can offer technical support to dealers who are in need.

Good service is another key to run a business long.

We will do our part right by providing you good quality heaters and you may focus on your sales.

If you are interested in becoming one part of our distribution network, just contact us and we will make sure your profits are earned well!

Let’s make the world a better place!

Let’s do it together!


10. Summary

Please notice that VVKB doesn’t sell cheap and low-quality heaters.

If customers see any people or company sell awful and cheap heaters with our brand name on, please BE CAREFUL!

It would be much appreciated if you could provide the info of those sellers to us.

They are making profits at the cost of our reputation and are also being irresponsible to customers.

We will take actions to stop them immediately.

We are and will always be committed to providing quality and easy-to-install heaters.

If you have any suggestion, you can send an email to us at info@vvkb.com or send an inquiry on our official website: https://www.vvkb.com.

We will take it seriously as we always do.

Come and join us!

Thank you for choosing VVKB. 🙂

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