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Electric Car Heater: The Ultimate Guide


A Revolution In The Industry

Ever since the beginning of the automotive industry, things have looked quite the same, at least from an engineering perspective.

The auto market was and still is dominated by traditional fuel vehicles. However, the breakthrough is happening as you read this article, and in the upcoming years, we can expect a major shift towards other fuel sources, primarily electricity.

fuel vehicles


New energy vehicles will present new opportunities, but also new challenges, and Vvkb as a company is ready to face them.


Gasoline Vehicle


The transition to new energy vehicles is a major one, and both the car and the component manufacturers have to adjust quickly. The same goes for companies like Vvkb that make accessory parts.


Vvkb Heater


A lot of research and development goes into our heaters, mainly because most of our models rely on fuel combustion in order to produce heat.


Electric vehicles have a completely different concept, and at its core is the power system, with the battery being the central part of it.


Electric vehicles


It is what stores the energy, but also what powers the whole car, so it carries more importance to an electric vehicle than a gas tank to a regular vehicle.


Vvkb Electric Car Heater Development Process

Cold Start Issues


Engine Block Heater


We all know how hard it is to start a car during cold winter months. That’s because a traditional fuel engine will suffer from cold shrinkage of its metal parts, and the solidification of the lubricating oil inside.

Even worse, the cold start will increase the wear of the engine, which can quickly add up if you live in an area where winters are long.

Engine block heaters solve this, as they heat the coolant, which helps to heat the engine.


Vvkb engine block heating effect diagram


Vvkb Engine Block Heater Effect Diagram


Therefore, the engine is returned to the optimal temperature, which makes starting much easier, reducing the potential damage it can suffer.


Electric Cars Suffer From Similar Problems


But what about electric cars? Do we have to worry about low temperatures when driving a Tesla?


Tesla Model 3


An essential part of any electric car is its power battery. These rely on chemical processes inside of them, which produce electricity.

Naturally, low temperatures will affect the chemical reactions inside the battery, slowing it down and reducing its ability to deliver the needed electricity for the proper function of the car.

While the car will start, the battery will have much less power, which will significantly reduce the range of the vehicle.

Also, as you can see on the Tesla Motors structural diagram, a working power battery will release heat, which will be dissipated by the cooling system surrounding it.

Tesla Model


So, what we need to do is to heat the cooling system, letting its temperature transmit to the battery itself.

Upon realizing this principle, the Vvkb technical team got to work.


Vvkb Electric Car Heater Systems


Vvkb team has 24 years of experience developing engine heaters, but we also have five years of focusing on the development of battery heating systems for electric vehicles, as we started doing it back in 2015.

You will hardly find a heater company with a richer field-tested experience than Vvkb.


In 2016, we modified our Titan-P1 heater, adapting it to the battery heating systems of electric vehicles.


Engine block heater Titan-P1


Also, we provided batch-test samples to an electric car production company based in Hungary. A full year of batch trials gave us a lot of precious data, telling us more about the heater behavior in a new, electric environment.


However, the data told us that the Vvkb engine block heater Titan-P1 is not the best choice for electric vehicles. Therefore, after carefully comparing various data samples, we decided that the engine preheater Titan-B1, modified and adapted for electric cars, is probably the best choice.


Engine preheater Titan-B1


So, we’ve sent it to the Hungarian company again to do more tests.

And finally, in 2019, we named our electric heater model Titan-E1.


Vvkb electric vehicle heater Titan-E1 can provide different types of voltages customers can choose, based on the vehicle. Options are 48, 72, and 90V voltage.


The Development Process Of Electric Car Cabin Heater.


Not only that the vehicle itself suffers in low temperatures, humans get affected too. Reaction time will decrease when the temperature gets low, which increases risks significantly.


So, no matter the type of car, it is essential to keep people warm during the cold winter months. This will not only increase comfort but will make the vehicle much safer to drive.


Hard To Keep Warm


The traditional fuel combustion engine generates a lot of heat during operation.
Usually, this heat is radiated outside through the engine cooling system.
But, during the winter, people can utilize the heat to keep the inside of the car warm.


Vvkb Diesel Heater

Plus, you can always use the car’s AC to heat the air in the cabin, which is also powered by the generator that is powered by the engine.


However, all of this is unavailable in an electric vehicle, as it has no engine and, therefore, no fuel drive.


The problem gets even worse in the winter, as the power battery is already running lower than it should be, and the heating requires a large amount of electricity, which is needed elsewhere.


At this point, the power battery needs more development in order to provide more range to electric vehicles, and heating comes secondary. But, that doesn’t make it unimportant, on the contrary.


Benefits Of Diesel Heaters In Electric Cars


Vvkb simple portable heaters and diesel heaters are an ideal solution for keeping the cabins of electric vehicles warm. With a low power consumption (around 25W), they won’t drain the electric vehicle’s power battery but will warm up the inside of the cabin.

VVKB Apollo-V1 heater has many advantages:

  • Low consumption – the rated voltage is 12V, and the required power is 25W, which means it won’t affect the range of the vehicle.
  • Quality raw materials – Vvkb uses only high-quality materials, and no toxic substances, making heaters entirely harmless for health.
  • Quiet operation – the flexible exhaust pipe combined with a high-quality muffler makes the Vvkb heater one of the quietest you can find, which is very important since electric cars produce no noise.
  • Easy to repair – anyone can install and repair Vvkb heaters just by following an instructional YouTube video.
  • Great accessories option – even electric car manufacturers themselves can offer Vvkb electric car cabin heater as an extra they can install in the car right away.
  • Customizable – we can provide unique, custom solutions for electric vehicle production companies. We have 24 years of designing and building heaters, so to us, no problem is unsolvable.
  • Small size – our heater is very small, and most of its parts are already installed before the sale. Therefore, you can install the portable heater in the trunk of an electric car, and easily connect the hot air outlet to the interior of the cabin. But, you also need to prepare a small full tank.


We are also developing Heat-Pump Cabin Heater. And great progress has been made. In the near future, we will be able to supply Heat-Pump Cabin Heater to the market.


Always Looking To Improve The Car Industry


As you can see, Vvkb is ahead of its peers. Yes, we always encounter new problems and challenges, but our A teams of engineers have 24 years-long histories of producing car heaters.


We are at your service, providing you and your customers the necessary technical guidance. Therefore, we welcome electric vehicle production factories and dealers, but also maintenance personnel, and we invite you to contact us. Feel free to ask any question about electric vehicle heating, we will be happy to respond.


Electric vehicles are a huge opportunity, as they are still new, and there is a lot of room for success. If you see yourself in the industry, you should also consider electric car heaters, as installing them might give you an edge over your competition, becoming one of your best business investments.


We look forward to partnering up and developing the electric vehicle industry together, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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