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How to choose the diesel heater manufacturer

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As a camper van manufacturer or truck manufacturer, importer of camper van parts, distributor of vehicle air conditioning systems, and dealer of ship manufacturers and ship parts, you must have seen the huge market demand for diesel heaters. You must also know that being in the business of diesel air heaters and diesel coolant heaters will bring a lot of opportunities for your company. Your company will also see an increase in revenue as a result of selling diesel air heaters and diesel coolant heaters.


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While you are conducting your market research, you may be confused about the prices of diesel heaters on various retail platforms, of different brands. You will see that retail platforms like Amazon and eBay have a very large number of diesel air heater brands. Some diesel air heaters are very cheap and there are also some brands of diesel heaters that are very expensive. However, from the looks of it, you can hardly see the difference between them.

Main picture of Vvkb diesel heater

Main picture of Vvkb diesel heater

You will even look at various Facebook groups for diesel heaters to find people’s experiences with these different priced diesel heater brands. Again, you will be very confused. Some people think that these diesel heaters are of reliable quality; others think that these diesel heaters are of terrible quality.

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All this information will have an impact on how you can choose the right diesel heater manufacturer and diesel heater brand.

In order to be able to make it easier for you to understand the diesel heater production process, for you to distinguish the various diesel heater brands with different quality, and for you to choose the diesel heater manufacturer with reliable quality very easily, we have prepared this article for you.

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The main content of this article

What you will take away from this article.

Vvkb Diesel Air Heater

Vvkb Diesel Air Heater

When you understand these details, you will be able to serve your customers better.

You must already really want to know the details of this article. Now, let’s get started.

Major global diesel heater manufacturers and production regions

At the beginning of the article, it is necessary to know the distribution of global diesel heater manufacturers.

Webasto heater and Eberspaecher heaters

The most famous manufacturers of diesel heaters are Webasto heaters and Eberspacher heaters. These are two German companies and they have a long history. I think you will definitely know these two brands. Webasto Evo and Eberspacher D series are one of popular products and of the best diesel heater.

Webasto Heater

Webasto Heater

The advantages of Webasto heaters and Eberspacher heaters are reliable quality and a wide range of accessories and models.

Eberspacher Heater

Eberspacher Heater

And the disadvantages are obvious: they are expensive. Moreover, you can hardly buy a heater directly from the manufacturer.

Vvkb Diesel Heaters

Vvkb diesel heaters are American brands, made in China. vvkb combines the durability of American design with the quality and reliability of Chinese production at a reasonable price. Moreover, the Vvkb heater can provide perfect after-sales service and usage support.

Vvkb Heater

Vvkb diesel heaters 

Vvkb heater is with silent fuel pump, the fuel pump has high fuel efficiency and light noise. It also has the advantage of low fuel consumption.

Vvkb Fuel Pump

Vvkb Fuel Pump

Vvkb uses various high-quality raw materials, and the Kyocera glow pin can make the heater ignite normally in cold weather. The Vvkb heater also has automatic altitude adjustment for normal operation at higher elevations up to 12,000 feet above sea level.

Vvkb fuel tank is made with professional fuel tank material. The outer shell of the fuel tank is black to isolate the diesel fuel from UV rays. vvkb fuel tank is the best match for a diesel air heater.

20L stainless steel fuel tank

20L stainless steel fuel tank

Vvkb diesel heater work reliably and is probably the best diesel heater in China.

If you need the most cost-effective product, the Vvkb brand will be your best choice.

Warmda Diesel Heaters

Warmda diesel air heater is another high-end brand of Good auto parts. It has similar to the Vvkb heater with all the advantages of the Vvkb diesel air heater.

Warmda Heater

Warmda Heater

If your company is targeting high-end users, then the Warmda brand will be your best choice.

Chinese Diesel Heaters

What you see the most in the market should still be the various unbranded cheap chinese diesel heater.

The advantage of them is that they are very cheap and, you can easily buy them from various sources.

Vvkb Diesel Heater Apollo-V1

Vvkb Diesel Heater Apollo-V1

However, as a dealer, Chinese diesel heaters may not be the best choice. Because it is difficult for you to compete with them in the market, it is difficult for you to make money.

Autoterm Air Heater

There are also Russian-made Autoterm heaters on the market. For many years in the past, Russia has not been dominated by manufacturing. Moreover, Russia is an export product, except for raw materials such as oil and gas. Most of the other products are imported from China and the US and the EU. Moreover, Russia does not have a well-developed supply chain system. Perhaps, most of Autoterm’s parts, too, are imported from China.

Now there is a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine. This will affect the production activities in Russia. We don’t know how this will affect production and life in Russia.

The United States and the European Union have also imposed sanctions on Russia, which may affect the export of Russian products.

Vvkb Diesel Air Heater

Vvkb Diesel Air Heater

After the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russia cannot buy products from the United States and the European Union and instead buys a lot of goods from China.

This shows that in the future, there will be a very big problem of uncertainty for Russian goods.

Why are there so many diesel heater manufacturers in China?

China has the most complete supply chain system in the world, and you, as a vehicle manufacturer and parts distributor, must have worked with many Chinese manufacturers.

Victor Industries Ltd EDM machining center

In addition, China has a complete supply chain system and a perfect industrial ecology. In the past few years, the quality of the products produced in China has improved significantly. We know that many parts for Webasto heaters and Eberspaecher heaters are made in China or purchased from China, and Vvkb heaters are made in China. Even Tesla is building a production plant for Tesla electric cars in Shanghai, China.

Test various performances of heaters on the vehicle

Test various performances of heaters on the vehicle

If you want to engage in the business of diesel heaters, Chinese diesel heater supplier is certainly the best choice. This is the reason why we focus on Chinese diesel heater manufacturers in this article.

All you need to do is to find reliable quality and reasonable price. And a Chinese diesel air heater manufacturer with production capacity.

You may also have special requirements for some features of diesel air heaters and diesel coolant heaters. You will need a diesel heater manufacturer to customize your own diesel air heater and diesel engine heater for you.

And only the diesel heater manufacturer in China can provide you the OEM service of diesel air heater and diesel engine heater.

Vvkb mold machining workshop

Vvkb heater manufacturer, Good auto parts provide customization service for many customers to customize their own diesel air heater and diesel engine heater. These diesel air heaters and diesel coolant heaters with special features are welcomed by their users.

Next, let’s focus on talking about China diesel heaters and Chinese diesel heater manufacturers.

History of diesel heaters in China

Before 2015, the number of diesel heater manufacturers was very small. The diesel heater market, basically, was monopolized by Webasto and Eberspacher. Moreover, it is widely believed that the diesel heater is a very complicated combustion system. It requires sufficient experience and knowledge to produce reliable diesel air heater products.

Vvkb heater installation kit

Vvkb heater installation kit

In 2015, with Webasto heater and Eberspacher heater, after the anti-trust penalty by Europe and North America. The diesel heater market started to open up to more production companies.

After 2016, some Chinese factories with commercial sensitivity started to focus on diesel heaters. They dismantled the diesel air heater and learned the structure of the heater from it. Learn how the heater works and how to control it.

Van Life

Van Life

In China, centered in Shanghai, there are a large number of manufacturing companies in the Yangtze River Delta. They produce a variety of different kinds of products. Among them, there are also fuel pumps and combustion motors and electronic controllers that must be used on diesel air heaters. In the Yangtze River Delta region, there are also a large number of mold manufacturing companies, which can make a variety of high-precision, complex molds. Also, there are many plastic die-casting companies and aluminum die-casting companies. These parts manufacturers already have a complete quality control system, and their products, too, have reached the world’s advanced level.

Motor balancing test

With enough market capacity, these producers are easily able to fine-tune their production lines so that they can produce accessories that are compatible with the use of diesel air heaters and diesel engine heaters. Professional manufacturers of diesel heater accessories have emerged in the market.

The formation process of the diesel air heater accessories market.

In the beginning, these accessories were only offered to a few diesel air heater manufacturers. As time passed, more and more factories with production capacity started to pay attention to the diesel heater market. They all hope to get a part of the market share from this huge market of diesel heaters.

Stainless steel exhaust pipe heavy duty clamps

Stainless steel exhaust pipe heavy duty clamps

And those manufacturers of diesel air heater parts also found that more and more manufacturers started to turn to diesel air heater production and started to be interested in diesel air heater parts.

So, these amateur diesel air heater parts manufacturers started to transform into professional diesel air heater parts suppliers. Even, they also integrate different kinds of diesel air heater parts resources. For some producers who just join diesel air heater and diesel coolant heater, they provide the whole set of heater parts. These manufacturers only need to do simple assembly and they are able to provide their own brand of diesel heaters to the market.

Vvkb Air Heater

Vvkb Air Heater

This makes these parts manufacturers more competitive and able to get more attention and orders from factories that are ready to engage in diesel air heater production.

There are huge quality differences in Chinese diesel heaters.

Although it takes a long time to accumulate experience to design the control program for diesel heaters. However, China has a huge market and can sell several million sets of diesel air heaters every year. These heaters are installed in trucks and Van.



And, the advanced information transfer system and logistics system in China, as well as the efficient production efficiency of Chinese factories, can ensure that every defect of the heater, can be timely feedback and modified.

After about 6 years and over 10 million users’ participation, the quality of diesel heaters produced in China has been relatively stable. The diesel heaters are to the extent that they can be used. I believe you have seen that with the passage of time, China’s diesel heater is also recognized by more and more users.

However, there are many detailed parts of the China diesel heater that still need to be perfected.

Camper Van

Camper Van

For most of the cheap China diesel heater manufacturers, the difference between their products is very small. However, the details of these cheap China diesel heaters are not perfect. Compare with similar Vvkb brand diesel heaters, the ratio of fuel consumption and airflow of these common diesel heaters still need some fine-tuning. Their power consumption and safety performance, too, still have huge room for improvement. Adjustments need to be made for the clearance between the accessories around the heater. These adjustments, it is not the ordinary accessories production enterprises can do.

These adjustments, need to have a wealth of experience in the production of engineers to debug. And, the debugging data, can not be used in other diesel heater manufacturers’ products.

Vvkb Diesel Heater Cooling Impeller Production Video

And most of the manufacturers who use ordinary heater parts, do not have the energy to do this kind of fine-tuning. It is not in the interest of their companies. Moreover, they do not have professional and experienced engineers to adjust the procedure. They also have no incentive to perfect the fit between diesel heater accessories. The sale of diesel heater parts is just a means for them to make money. They do not have a sense of belonging to the diesel heater industry, and if business in this industry is bad, they can easily switch to another industry – just as easily as they started transitioning to producing diesel heater parts.

Why is the price of the Chinese diesel heater is very cheap?

In the beginning, the number of producers engaged in the production of diesel heaters was not very large. And the market demand was strong. The strong demand, the situation that the supply of diesel air heaters and diesel coolant heaters exceeded the demand, led to the price of diesel air heaters in a relatively high position. This also makes it profitable for the factories that started to engage in diesel heater production.

Vvkb Diesel Heater Apollo-V2

Vvkb Diesel Heater Apollo-V2

The quality of heater parts is good with the support of sufficient profit.

However, with the emergence of a large number of diesel heater manufacturers, their parts are basically the same, and the quality of the heater is not visible in a short period of time. In this case, to take market share, lowering the price is the most effective and direct way. Thus, there is a price war.

With the emergence of the price war, the price of diesel heaters is getting lower and lower.

And diesel heater manufacturers need to make a profit. After the selling price is reduced, in order to maintain profitability, only ask the parts suppliers to provide cheaper heater parts. And there is a cost to produce accessories. In order to cater to the needs of diesel heater manufacturers, heater parts manufacturers will find ways to replace expensive raw materials with cheaper raw materials, so that the cost of accessories to reduce. In this way, a vicious circle is formed, and the selling price of diesel heaters is getting lower and lower.

Vvkb diesel heater plastic parts production workshop

The diesel heater produced by using cheap raw materials is because the stability and safety of the diesel heater are sacrificed for the price. If your users are frequent users of diesel heaters for heating, the probability of them experiencing heater failure will be high. This is why many people say that those cheap Chinese diesel heaters are of bad quality. There are also some users, whose cities have higher temperatures, and rarely use diesel heaters. Of course, the probability of them experiencing heater failure will be very little, which is why some people feedback that these diesel heaters are of good quality.

You may be thinking, after talking so much, how do I choose the right diesel heater manufacturer? Let’s continue

What determines the quality of a diesel heater manufacturer?

Let’s understand the diesel heater.

A diesel heater is a combustion system that heats up the heat sink of the heater by burning diesel fuel, allowing fresh air to enter the heat sink while being heated.

Diesel Heater for Campervan

Diesel Heater for Campervan

The diesel heater directly heats the vans interior air or the vans coolant. So that people can enjoy van life.

Diesel air heaters are forced air heaters. The heater has automatic altitude adjustment, so it can work properly in high-altitude areas.

The camper has very little space, and a high-sensitivity thermostat is needed to maintain the temperature inside the compartment in a small space.

For the convenience of the user, the heater should also have the lowest setting function. It can be easily used by the user.

It is a heating system that consists of peripheral parts including various sensors, ignition section, and control section as well as the heater. The total number of these parts is more than 1000.

Vvkb heater installation kit

Vvkb heater installation kit

Although, nowadays, there are many manufacturers of diesel heater parts in China who can provide the whole set of heater parts. However, these parts assemble diesel air heater and diesel engine heater, they will have various hidden problems. This has been described in the beginning part of the article.

Important factors affecting the quality of diesel heaters.

The main industrial production sites in China are concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. Especially the Yangtze River Delta, where there are a large number of factories. Diesel heater manufacturers located in the Yangtze River Delta are able to easily obtain the cooperation of various parts manufacturers.

In the past 40 years, the Yangtze River Delta region, is one of the most important areas for foreign capital investment in China. The most advanced management system and management experience are available here. Only reliable management can ensure that the quality of the products produced is reliable.

Engineer's Office

Engineer’s Office

Let’s take the manufacturer of Vvkb heater and Warmda heater, Good Auto Parts as a list to see, what is a qualified diesel heater manufacturer.

We have a complete set of technical documents. According to the technical documentation, we choose the raw materials for the corresponding parts. For each raw material, we will have 2-3 suppliers. One supplier is the main one, and the remaining 1-2 suppliers, are as potential suppliers.

If the main supplier is out of stock for any reason, there will be no problems affecting the production schedule of the factory due to the supply of raw materials.

When we receive an order from a customer, we will produce 3 sets of samples according to the customer’s requirements. One set of samples is given to the customer for confirmation, and one set of samples is left in the production workshop. The other set of samples is stored in our quality inspection department.

We will evaluate the quality of all the raw materials that we are ready to purchase. These raw materials are made into semi-finished products for quality inspection. When the quality is confirmed, we will mass-produce various accessories.

Heater plastic parts production workshop

Heater plastic parts production workshop

After each accessory is produced, the accessory is tested.

Next, we assemble the tested parts. Once assembled, each heater set is tested again for up to 15-25 minutes.

Throughout the process, strict quality management and control by staff is required. To ensure that the quality of the heaters meets our standards.

You can also evaluate the quality control process of diesel heater manufacturers according to our operation process.


Now there are very many diesel heater manufacturers in the world.

If you want to engage in the diesel heater business, China diesel heater will be your best choice.

It is not easy to find the right quality diesel heater manufacturer in China.

If you have any needs, we are glad to assist you.

You can always send us an email. We will reply your email within 6 hours.

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