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Car Parking Heater

Car Parking Heater

CE, RoHS and FCC compliant

More than 8 yrs. combustor life

100% new grade material for any plastic parts and aluminum die casting parts

4 meters parking heater fire proof wire

The versatile design and optimal performance of the Vvkb Car Parking Heaters guarantee warmth from the very start. With the intelligent control system and high thermal efficiency, the VVKB Car Parking Heater ensures safety and steady supply of heat to the driver, passenger and cargo compartments in cars.

As the leading 2KW/5KW air parking heater manufacturer VVKB designs both gasoline and diesel fired parking heaters. Their flexible designs can fit virtually all cars.

With the rapid heating capability, they quickly warm the car interior, eliminating possible mist or ice on the windows. Besides, all VVKB Car Parking Heaters are fuel efficient and produce virtually no soot during combustion.

The low voltage circuit protection ensures there is enough power to start the car engine, no need to worry about the VVKB Car Parking Heater draining the car battery.

Even during summer, VVKB Car Parking Heaters have an intelligent ventilation system for free flow of cool and fresh air. Irrespective of the weather, VVKB Car Parking Heaters will guarantee value for your money.

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