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Diesel Heaters for Caravans

Diesel Heaters for Caravans

RoHS, CE and FCC compliant

Rapid heating and quiet operation

Rated power: 2500/5000W

Rated voltage: 24V/12V

Weight(KGS/LB): 2.3/5.07

Dimensions(mm/in): 230 X 100 X 110/ 9.06 X 3.94 X 4.33

VVKB Diesel Heater for Caravans is a diesel fired air parking heater for consistent and rapid heating. With the easy to install design, independent fuel tank, integrated controller and in-built diagnostic system, the VVKB Heaters for Caravans suit all camping needs.

Available in 24V/12V caravan diesel air heaters, VVKB has extensive designs of parking heaters for a warmer and comfortable night. Be it a caravan, camper trailers or motor home, VVKB heaters require a small installation space.

Optimized fuel efficiency, virtually zero emission, quiet operation and ergonomic design, make VVKB Diesel Heaters for Caravan a perfect choice for any road trip. Explore the freedom of nature in a caravan without worrying about cold, snow or chilling weather with VVKB diesel heaters.

Vvkb Diesel Heaters for Caravans

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