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Truck Block Heater

Truck Block Heater

RoHS, CE and FCC compliant

Compact design and rapid heating

Warm Start your truck in cold winter

10 block heater patents

VVKB Truck Block Heater is an engine heater, specially designed to warm engine components, antifreeze and oil. This prevents expensive cold starting of the engine that may lead to excess emissions besides wear and tear.

As a premier diesel truck engine heater manufacturer, the new VVKB Truck Block Heaters feature progressive innovation and technology. From on-board diagnostics, efficiency, wireless control and choice of material, this block heater guarantees rapid heating and instant cost saving.

Even when the temperature drops below freezing point, VVKB Truck Block Heaters ensure instant ignition of the truck engine without costly idling.

The VVKB Truck Block Heater features a compact, easy to install and ergonomic design. With an in-built pump and other components, the VVKB Block Heater has a proper balance between simplicity, robustness and efficiency.

Vvkb Truck Block Heater

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