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If you are looking to buy a heater for your vehicle, we have got you covered. The world of heaters is pretty big and there are a lot of choices. But with our help, you will be an expert in the field in no time.


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A diesel heater is the best option in the market. It is affordable with low running costs and fuel consumption. In this article, we will be talking about the different types of diesel heaters and how to pick the best one for you.

Types of Diesel Heaters

  • Parking Heaters
  • Engine Heaters


First, let’s talk about Parking heaters and their importance in your vehicle. We will discuss how they work, how you can operate them, and what to expect from them.

What is a Parking Heater?

A parking heater is an excellent method to heat up any vehicle whether it is a truck, a motorhome, or a boat. It is an electro-mechanical heater that warms up the inside of a vehicle’s cabin by mixing air or water with diesel. It has sophisticated sensors and microprocessors that ensure safety and efficiency. It is famous for its low fuel consumption and high performance.


Bunk Heater


Some parking heaters actually have dual functions. That means they can warm up the interior of a vehicle’s cabin as well as its engine. Not to mention models that allow you to warm up your vehicle without keeping its engine running. The features depend on the brand, design, and model you get for your needs.


How does a Parking Heater Work?

After installing the diesel heater, you can start it up. Make sure everything is working. Depending on the model you have, you can turn it on in many ways. Your options include manual control, remote control, or a mobile phone application. Upon switching it on for the first time, the heater should run its diagnostics. You will then know that there are no problems. 


Vvkb Diesel Heater


It works by air flowing through the external pipes into a combustion chamber. There, ignition takes place. This air mixes with ignited diesel that comes from the vehicle’s fuel tank or a separate one to generate heat. Temperature sensors will track the combustion chamber’s status during the whole process. This will ensure the safety of the heating system. 


How air flows in parking heater components


Following this combustion process, there is enough heat to warm up the vehicle’s interior. It is time for the next step. The heat exchanger will direct this heat into the vehicle’s cabin. The ventilation system works to distribute warm air throughout the compartment. Any harmful exhaust fumes leave the vehicle through its exhaust pipe.


Once you have heated up your vehicle’s cabin and engine, you can turn off the heater. The heating process will stop and so will the fuel and energy consumption.


Benefits of a Parking Heater

Parking heaters are incredible tools. They can make a huge difference especially to someone living in extreme conditions. A harsh climate where the temperature can go down to sub-zero can mean freezing cold vehicles. In addition to engines that take forever to run. Not only does it negatively affect your driving experience but it also consumes so much fuel to heat up and get started without a designated diesel heater.



We can think of so many benefits for parking heaters so let us tell you a little about it.

More Visibility

In places where the temperature is so low with snow covering up your vehicle, you will have to scrape away all the ice blocking visibility on your windshields. But, no matter how hard you try, it is still misty with very poor visibility. Sometimes, it is constantly snowing so no matter how much you use your scraper, you are still faced with the same problem.

Parking Heater Installation

A parking heater in your vehicle melts any snow, removes any mist, and handles the humidity forming on your windshields. That means that you can enjoy total visibility without any weather-related issues. It is essential for your safety and comfort during your drive.

More Comfort

Having a pleasant driving experience is the one priority when it comes to anyone relying on their vehicle in their day-to-day life. Entering an extremely cold car, truck, or motorhome is the exact opposite of pleasant. 

Too cold in the car

A parking heater can preheat your vehicle before you even step in it. This ensures you don’t freeze while you are driving. You can actually enjoy a nice time inside your cabin with the temperature that feels best for you. You have total control over the environment inside your vehicle. So you can be as comfortable as possible.

Easy to Use

How to use the diesel heater control panel

Diesel heaters have come a long way since their beginning. They now have incredible features that will make your experience with them worthwhile. From managing fuel consumption to monitoring safety systems, everything is super easy to follow. You can access its many controls through its specific remote control or its mobile phone application. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Types of Parking Heaters

There are a few options when it comes to parking heaters in the market. Educating yourself on the different types can help you get the design, model, and brand that best suits your needs. 


We recommend VVKB diesel heaters since they offer you the latest technologies and safety compliances. Not to mention their extensive manufacturing experience. It guarantees a trusted and well-built product. Whatever the kind of heater you need, they have got all the variety you will need. Including these different types of parking heaters:


Air-Based Parking Heaters

Diesel Heater


This kind of heater works in the same way we described before when talking about parking heaters. Basically, it mixes burning air and fuel in a combustion chamber to generate heat. It warms up your vehicle in no time. It comes in many models, shapes, and sizes so you can pick the one that best fits your vehicle.

Coolant-Based Parking Heaters

Coolant-based parking heaters are for people suffering from cold weather and harsh conditions. Especially that involves rain and snow. They heat up the interior of your vehicle as well as its engine. That means you don’t have to worry about your engine freezing and having problems starting. You can ensure you and your vehicle are all healthy and ready to go with the help of a coolant-based parking heater. 

Diesel Water Heater

It has the same mechanisms that operate the air-based parking heater. But there are some differences. Coolant-based parking heaters use water instead of air to complete the heating process. That means you will probably have to install this kind of heater in the engine compartment. That way it can get access to your vehicle’s water circuit.


After warming up the inside of the vehicle’s cabin, the water used will also heat up your engine. So you will be killing two birds with one stone!


Electric Parking Heaters

This is the best option for people looking to be environmentally conscious while fulfilling their heating needs. An electric parking heater does not emit any emissions like other kinds. It only needs a power source to heat up your vehicle’s cabin and engine. 

AUX Heater

Another great feature about it is that as the heater is working it charges up your vehicle’s battery as well. It is definitely good for someone whose vehicle already runs on electricity. 


Diesel Parking Heaters

These are our specialty at VVKB! Diesel heaters are reliable and efficient. They use diesel as their primary source of fuel so they are cost-effective. They can be either air-based or coolant-based ones. Which means they can either depend on air or water for their heating process.

Portable Heater

Diesel heaters have a variety of features and models to choose from depending on your needs. They are great for someone who wants to get frugal about their fuel and energy consumption. Diesel is also a very prominent fuel so you can find it pretty much anywhere.


Gasoline Parking Heaters

Contrary to diesel heaters, gasoline parking heaters use gasoline as their fuel source. They use the same mechanism of operation whether by using air or water. They are more common in cars since a lot of people use gasoline for their cars anyway. But when it comes to motorhomes or other kinds of vehicles, it may not be the best option.

Propane Parking Heaters

Propane may seem foreign to some people but important to others. It is the quintessential cooking component in an RV. RV owners will relate!


So we recommend this kind of heater to people with RV that already have a propane fuel circuit. It is also a quieter option since it is not as loud as its other counterparts. But, there are some safety and control concerns around propane parking heaters. That is why it is not very common.


Portable Parking Heaters

A portable parking heater is a perfect solution to all your heating needs while camping or parking. It is multifunctional because, as the name suggests, you can put it anywhere you would like. That means that it can heat up your vehicle as well as your camping tent, for example. You can feel comfortable inside and outside your vehicle which means a great return on investment on a heater.

connected to van

Boat Parking Heaters

A specific heater for your boat may seem like a luxury but it is actually a must-have. Being on a boat, a yacht or any kind of marine vessel probably means a lot of getting wet. If the weather is not right, you may end up freezing without a dry and warm spot on your vessel. A boat parking heater will ensure you have a comfortable environment on your boat no matter what the weather conditions are like.

Vvkb Bunk Heater

Next, let’s talk about engine heaters.


What is an Engine Heater?

An engine heater is an amazing product that allows you to warm up your vehicle’s engine and its fluids before starting it. In places where the temperature reaches sub-zero, it can be hard to get your vehicle moving at all. Some people living or traveling to locations with extremely cold weather even suffer from damaged engines. This is because of cold starts and idling effects on their vehicle’s engine. 

Truck Engine Heater

An engine heater helps prevent these risks and ensures your vehicle runs perfectly in any condition. When it comes to engine heaters at VVKB, we offer efficient and lightweight ones that get the job done. We give you a variety to choose from depending on your needs, preferences, and budget.


Benefits of an Engine Heater

We know everyone living or traveling in harsh climates absolutely needs an engine heater. Here are the top reasons why:

Protects Engine


Vvkb engine block heating effect diagram

Starting a cold car can put an extremely heavy load on your engine. Since freezing weather makes the oil too thick to lubricate parts of the engine that move against each other. The result is some damage to your engine and the parts surrounding it. Heating means you are protecting your vehicle from damage since everything will be at the appropriate temperature to operate.


Saves Fuel and Battery Life

In order for your vehicle to reach an adequate temperature for moving, you will need to run it for some time. But heating up your car does not have to take up so much fuel and battery life. An alternative to idling your vehicle is warming up its engine using an engine heater.

Types of Engine Heaters

There are a few types out there that knowing some information about can be quite beneficial. Let’s explore them.


Coolant Engine Heaters

VVKB Engine preheater Titan-P3

A coolant engine heater is extremely reliable. It performs so well even in an immensely cold climate. This is a pretty standard engine heater that sustains an appropriate engine temperature.

Circulating Engine Heaters with Pump

VVKB Engine preheater Titan-P5

This type of engine heater contains a pump that circulates heat all over your engine. That means the temperature of your engine remains uniform the entire time. This eliminates the risk of overheating.

Engine Heaters without Pump

VVKB Engine preheater Titan-P1

This is a very effective kind of heater that warms up your engine by direct contact. 

PTC Engine Heaters

Engine preheater Titan-B1

This fresh kind of heating technology is the latest trend in the industry. We believe that can be a great match for someone who enjoys all the newest features like a self-timer.

Electric Block Engine Heaters

Electric block engine heaters are a great choice for someone who wants to follow a more environmentally friendly route. It heats up your engine when plugged into an electrical energy outlet.

engine preheater-3D

So there you have it. That is a lot of what you need to know about the different types of diesel heaters. If you would like to find out more, share with us any questions or comments you may have.

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