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How to Choose the Right RV Heater

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Anyone who owns an RV and has traveled in it during the winter months knows the worth of a good heating system

Bunk Heater

Whether you live in an RV full-time, or just occasionally use it for vacations and getaways, you want to be as comfortable as possible. A well-designed RV heater can go a long way toward making your time on the road more enjoyable. For tips about how to choose the best RV heater for your needs, see this article.


Choosing the right RV heater is not hard, as long as you know what you are looking for. It also requires you to know the amount of space that needs heating. 

There are many kinds of RV heaters to choose from. We will help you nail down the best type through this comprehensive article. Let’s start with the basics…

What is an RV Heater and how does it work?

An RV Heater is a unit that maintains an optimal temperature level within the RV by generating heat. No matter how fine the insulation is in place, heat loss is unavoidable. Condensation in low temperatures is also a problem. An innovative RV heater promises to end these problems.

How air flows in parking heater components

It is not only for your comfort but also helps in keeping your RV working in a good condition. While the types of heaters and their technicalities differ, the basic working is the same.


The RV heater sucks the cold air, passes it through a warming system makes it hot. It then forces out the warm air through the other end. It comes with a fixed remote device that lets you set the temperature and maintains it till you turn it off.


Factors to Consider


Before you go on to buy one, ensure that you are not getting one of those site-built types. They are completely different from the ones they make for RVs.


There are some basic things to consider when opting to invest in a heating solution for your mobile home. They help in narrowing down your choices. These are:

The size of your RV


The first and the most obvious is the consideration of the size. The bigger space in your RV, the bigger the heating unit you will need to get to cover all the area. These heaters come with instructional details about the area they generally cover. You can even ask the service center of the company you are buying from to help you list down all the choices.

Vvkb Portable Heater

What are your heating needs?

This means understanding your specific heating needs for your RV. Consider if you want the heating to be more localized or want to cover the whole RV. This factor will further help in narrowing down your choices. There’s also the question of how often you use your RV. As we’ll discuss later, the running costs between different types of heaters vary.

Diesel Water Heater

The Budget

The last factor and the most important is the budget. How much are you willing to spend on an RV heater? A good way to go about this is to read reviews of the heaters you have selected and get the most efficient type. It will help you cut the initial buying costs if it utilizes the fuel well.

Types of Heaters

The three main types of RV Heaters are currently propane, electric, and diesel heaters. The choice for either one of the types is usually the preference of the consumers. It also depends on how they plan to travel in winter, and their traveling destinations.


Propane Heaters

This is the more traditional type and comes as a standard with most RVs. They work within 25-35 BTUs per square foot in hot temperatures, but 45-60 BTUs per square foot in frostier temperatures.

Propane Heaters

The propane heaters come with a built-in tank of fuel that you can take warm showers in and can even cook with. You can have lots of room with these types. They can be set up under the flooring too.


The heater usually comes attached to a duct system that forces the warm air throughout the interior. These heaters can last up to 10 years!


On the downside, propane heaters can be more expensive than electric ones. They are a bit noisier too.

Electric Heaters

Most of these heaters can use around 500 to 1500 watts of power. Cost-effective and long-lasting, they hardly cost more than $50. Similar in installation to a propane type, you can set it up in any in-wall unit.

Electric Heaters

The electric heaters are portable which means taking them anywhere. They give you clean energy and are ideal for localized heating.


On the downside, overheating can be a problem in some cases which you can avoid by keeping a check. They might also take a little longer to heat the RV in comparison to a furnace heater.

Diesel Heaters

Diesel heaters are more or less similar to propane heaters in terms of installation and how they work. Diesel, however, is generally more energy-dense, meaning that it consumes less fuel to heat the same area. That means the running costs are relatively lower.

Vvkb Heater Parts

Another perk of diesel heaters is that you can get a direct line from your fuel tank if the vehicle operates on diesel in some models. That means you don’t have to carry a massive propane tank with you everywhere.

Diesel hot water system

The problem with diesel heaters is mainly that they cost a bit more. Diesel is also a bit dirtier to burn and will lead to carbon accumulation. That’s why regular maintenance and cleaning is always advisable.


Best Heating Systems for an RV


After learning the basic difference in the types of RV Heaters, we come to choose from the top RV Heaters. Based on their efficiency, durability, and heating capacity we have listed the 5 top types. Take a look…

Bunk Heater

The Bunk Heater is ideal to heat your RV, truck, or even the camp. It is a type of diesel heater that delivers exceptional quality and reliability.

Bunk Heater

It gives a quiet operation that you can snooze in. The output heat is great and gives around 16000BTU. A practical control panel lets the users use its wide range of controls according to their needs and requirements.


It comes with a spiral exhaust pipe that amplifies the performance and works without noise.


Diesel Engine Heater

The Diesel Engine Heater suits the interior of motorhomes, marine vessels, and trucks. It’s also a type of diesel heater which can deliver a massive 38000BTU of heat!

Top view of diesel hot water heating system

It comes with big combustion chambers which allow it to perform so well. Ideal for large interiors, the heater never fails to deliver exceptional performance.

Diesel Hot Water Heater


The Diesel Hot Water Heater can be set up within the RV and delivers great working performance. Energy efficiency, low noise production, and versatility make it your ideal buddy for the winter.

Diesel Hot Water System Apollo-HW5

The heater gives out heat which is not bad at a 16000BTU and uses efficient electric plugs. This means you don’t have to worry about the heater not starting up in minus temperatures. It comes with efficient parts like the metering fuel pump that enhance its longevity, efficiency, and cut noise.


Night Heater

The Night Heater is another great choice for an RV Heater. It gives you that warmth and relaxation when you are out on camping trips with your family or friends. A type of diesel heater, it gives out a 16000BTU of heat in the interior.

Diesel Heater

Safety and efficiency go hand in hand with this heater and it never fails to deliver good quality. Reliable, and easy on the pocket the night heater will let you sleep all through the cold in the comfort of your RV.  It maintains a comfortable temperature in the interior.


The installation is easy and even a first-timer can handle it alone. The heater comes with an aluminum enclose that great for your RV.


Parking Heater

The Parking Heater is another good choice for RVs for its low weight and good performance. Using diesel as the main source, it gives out 8500BTU of output heat.

The heater comes with a reliable control system that gives you that flawless operation and negligible noise. Built with the finest selection of raw materials, the quality speaks for its self.

Top features that tell good Heaters apart

While most of the heaters will cover the main requirements, only the best kind will have the distinguishing criteria. Here’s how to look out for them,

The automatic safety switch

Many companies claim that their heaters are the safest option there is. If they don’t have the automatic safety shut-off system, they aren’t that safe. You can never be too careful and there is no knowing when the unit might get to a high temperature.

Diesel Heater Control Panel

The heater should also give you tip-over protection and should come with proper safety features.


Speed of heating

Waiting ages for the camper to heat up is both inefficient and tedious. Get a heater that gets things up and running faster. You don’t have to spend more to get this feature, many inexpensive types also give you great value for both money and heating.


Temperature controls

Versatility goes a long way. While all RV heaters come with their controlling options, get one that works on your requirements. Nothing beats the warmth that is set to your specific needs by pressing a few buttons here and there.

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