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The reason why the engine is difficult to start:

At low temperatures, due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the engine parts, the gap between the mechanical parts becomes larger, the oil coagulation, resulting in the starter can not drive the piston work.

The advantages of the engine heater

Usually cold starting one time is equal to a 200-300 km drive in engine wear, and increases 20% fuel consumption. The VVKB engine heater is a simple plug-in heating device. It can effectively prevent the engine cold starting in the winter.

Different from the common non-pump heaters (tank-type heaters), the VVKB engine heater is a pump-type heater, it has an internal circulation pump. Therefore the heater can be connected into the car heater hose simply. And it can force the coolant to circulate through the heater and the engine, the heater heats the coolant continuously, and the circulating coolant warms up the engine. Thus the VVKB engine heater has more powerful heat output, and it can warm up the whole engine more quickly, the engine can reach a higher temperature also. Starting an well-warmed engine subjects to less wear and consumes less fuel, thus producing fewer harmful exhausts.

The engine heater can be applied to all model engines:

The engine cooling system has the same configuration, it is consisted of the pump, thermostat, radiator, connecting hoses etc. The thermostat control the circulation route, if the engine is cold, the coolant circulates through the by-pass short circulation route, otherwise circulates through the radiator route to radiate heat. Another independent route is the car heater circulation. The VVKB engine heater has fully utilized above principle, it is connected into the car heater circulation hose, or on the short circulation hose simply by carrying out the followings: 1. Find the correct hose. Ensure that the device can be mounted vertically. 2. Carefully cut the chosen hose and connect the pipes to the preheater nipples.

Advantages of the PTC Engine Heater:

The general engine heater is heated using an electric heating tube. The tube of the heating tube is usually made of copper or iron. Heater using 220V voltage, which will be a serious security risk. Moreover, the heating tube after a period of time, there will be heat loss, can not reach the rated power.

Electric heating elements, made of resistance wire also have a positive temperature coefficient of resistivity, but do not increase their resistance enough to be self-regulating; they are typically used with the wires red-hot. The ceramic, on the other hand, increases its resistance sharply at the Curie temperatures of the crystalline components, typically 120 degrees Celsius, and remains below 200 degrees Celsius, providing a significant safety advantage.

Combining the characteristics of PTC heating elements and the vulnerability of heating pipe, our engineers designed PTC engine heaters—Titan-B series, after 6 years’ research and development.

Titan-B series have built-in pumps, which largely increases the heating efficiency. It is very safe to use this product as PTC is covered by an insulating material (thus PTC is separated from the antifreeze) and the heating elements are strong.

With a rated power of 1200w, Titan-B series can reach the same heating effect generated by Titan-P series with rated powers from 2000w-2500w.

After detailed investigation, we are sure that Titan-B series will lead in the engine heaters markets.

We have applied for the patent in China, and are applying for the patents in Europe and in North America.

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