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24V caravan heater can be used on the 12V caravan?

One day,A customer told me that he bought the 24v 2500w diesel heater and had some problems. The heater appeared E12 and E13, so he asked what to do next.

First of all, we asked the customer: your car battery is 12v or 24v?

The customer replied: I have two 12volt batteries in my caravan so I can use 12v or 24v.

Shortly, the client said, “When i press the start button it just snap quickly like it is a short circuit. There is a light on the controller and it is off again again before will happen.”

Yes, as described by the customer, the customer chose the wrong voltage, causing the board to burn.

Here, we remind you, when you buy a diesel heater, please carefully view the product description page, select the correct voltage, otherwise, the circuit board would be burned.

Note: 24v diesel heater can only be used in the 24V battery car, can not be used in the two 12v battery composed of 24v car, otherwise it will burn the circuit board.

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