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Differences Between VVKB Engine Heaters And Others

It seems hard to believe that VVKB engine heater, which is easy to install, can also heat the engine in such short time—the built-in pump should take the credit.

The structure and function of engine heaters used in market of North America is pretty simple. Normally they consist of one heating wire and one electric wire. Different from them, VVKB heaters have following advantages:


After a lot of experiments,
We find that only with a heating wire, the temperature of engine coolant won’t rise equably and quickly.
However, the problem can be with a water pump.
VVKB heater has a built-in pump.
Though the size might get a little bigger,
it won’t influence installation.


The traditional heater won’t stop operating with power on.
VVKB engine heater has a thermostat in it.
When the coolant reaches 65 Celsius degrees, the heater will cut off the electricity automatically,
Which brings safety to engine.

Easy to install

Customers don’t need to plug VVKB heater into the engine,
Which is the way to install a traditional heater.
Customers only need to connect the heater into the circulation of coolant.
This won’t influence the heat dissipation of coolant during the drive.

In many aspect, VVKB heater performs neither better nor worse.
Therefore, we know we are not the only best choice.

However, for customers who like heaters which are small, easy for installation, and has a thermostat and a built-in pump, it proves that, VVKB heaters, compared with heaters manufactured by other factories, are a good choice.

VVKB engine heater other advantages:

1. Marketing

We will invest in marketing in the target market of our clients to help them improve the reputation and explore the market.

2. Operation

Unlike the complicated procedure which adopted in some big companies, we prefer flexible working system.
Any questions will be replied within 8 hours.
As to some tricky questions, we can quickly present them to higher level and provide solutions standing on customers’ interest.

3. Helps for new dealer

We have set overseas warehouse in Europe, Australia, and North America, etc,
Which are used to help new dealers start and grow their business.
Considering that some new dealers have no experience in our products,
We can send products from overseas warehouse to help reduce the inventory risk as well as warehouse charges.
And only remove the warehouses after the growth of our clients.

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