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Titan-P4 Diesel Engine Warmer

Titan-P4 Diesel Engine Warmer

TUV, RoHS, CE and FCC compliant

Rated voltage: 220/110, 240/120V; 50/60Hz

IPX4 waterproof

Rated power: 1,500 to 3,000W

Pump life: 5000hrs.

Life heating pipe: 8000hrs.

Weight: 1.3kgs

Pump flow rate: 1,200l/hr.

Unique for its inline design of water the inlet and outlet, the Vvkb Titan-P4 Engine Preheater is a robust, durable and efficient engine heater. It is easy to install, with a rapid and fast engine heating capability, hence, no colder starting the engine.

Titan-P4 Diesel Engine Warmer

Featuring copper heating material, aluminum structure, inbuilt magnetic pump, and ceramic thermostat, the Vvkb Titan-P4 Engine preheater ensures a perfect heating solution. This is a diesel engine warmer for seamless and instant engine starting during freezing cold weather.

The design and performance of the VVKB Titan-P4 coolant heater for diesel engine ensure low soot emission and fuel consumption. It reduces vehicle engine wear due to cold starting during cold weather.

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