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Marine Diesel Heater

Marine Diesel Heater

CE, RoHS and FCC compliant

Rapid, stable and consistent heating

All kinds heaters for your marine cabinet or marine engine.

10 years heaters manufacturing experience

Vvkb Marine Diesel Heaters are diesel-fired marine heating systems that include engine heaters, parking heaters and fuel heaters. A compact design, heat resistant material and rapid heating capability fit virtually all designs of ships, boats, yacht or any water vessel.

As a premier marine air heater manufacturer, VVKB designs fuel efficient, easy to install and maintain marine diesel heaters for all dynamic needs of sailors, adventurers or passengers. Irrespective of the weather condition in the sea or lake, Vvkb Marine Diesel Heaters add warmth to your winter days.

The control system is the nerve center of VVKB Marine Diesel Heater. From the inlet air, combustion chamber, heat exchanger system to exhaust, it ensures safe, soot free and optimal heat transfer.

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