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Sailboat Cabin Heater

Sailboat Cabin Heater

Rapid and consistent heating

RoHS, CE and FCC compliant

Different heating levels; high, medium and low

Portable designed parking heater for your Campervan

The best heating idea for Campervan

10 years parking heater heating system manufacturer

During winter and summer, the VVKB Sailboat Cabin Heater guarantees comfortable and relaxing environment. The safe, consistent and rapid heating will definitely warm up your winter.

Similarly, the intelligent ventilation system of the VVKB Sailboat Cabin Heater allows the cool sea or ocean breeze to flow into the cabin. . Even in the deep seas or ocean, VVKB Sailboat Cabin Heater will guarantee a comfortable temperature.

As a trusted diesel boat heaters supplier, VVKB has compact, easy to install and maintain sailboat cabin heaters. The VVKB Sailboat Cabin Heater is an independent parking heater that you can install in section of your sailboat cabin.

With the VVKB Sailboat Cabin Heaters, you can experience warmth from the very start, be it during winter or freezing cold weather in the sea. The low CO2 emission and fuel consumption makes it suitable for any adventure in the sea.

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