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Campervan Heater

Campervan Heater

RoHS, CE and FCC compliant

Different heating levels; high, medium and low

Portable designed parking heater for your Campervan

The best heating idea for Campervan

10 years parking heater heating system manufacturer

For a super rapid heating, VVKB Campervan Heater guarantees a quiet and comfortable environment in freezing cold weather. It is a parking heater that keeps both the passenger compartment and cabin free from ice, mist or cold.

VVKB Campervan Heaters is a diesel air operated parking heater, which is simple and easy to install. The inbuilt safety diagnostic and control systems ensure safe, consistent and reliable heating in all-weather conditions.

As a known 12V portable campervan heater manufacturer, every VVKB parking heater features a progressive design and technology in fuel efficiency, optimum heating and safety.

With the VVKB Campervan Heater, there is no need to worry about the cold freezing weather. Explore a world of possibilities with a compact and reliable VVKB Campervan Heater.

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