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Van Heater

RoHS, CE and FCC compliant

Range of operation modes (high, medium to low)

Portable designed parking heater for your Campervan

The best heating idea for Campervan

10 years parking heater heating system manufacturer

Vvkb Van Heater is a diesel-fired air parking heater with a lightweight and a compact design. It is a fuel efficient and emission free 12V portable night heater for vans.

The VVKB Van Heater is an easy to install and maintain parking heater, for rapid and consistent heating during cold winter and chilly days. With the modern sensors, control and safety diagnostic system, the VVKB Van Heater guarantees an efficient thermal efficiency.

VVKB Van Heaters are designed to meet strict quality criteria with every part, from the main heater, pump, ducts and cables tested for a range of heating applications. This not only gives you confidence, but courage to adventure, irrespective of the weather condition.

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