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Semi-Truck Heater

Semi-Truck Heater

RoHS, FCC and CE compliant

Rapid heating

Heaters fit for any semi truck


Competitive Price

VVKB Semi-truck Heater is a lightweight and compact diesel-fired heater that reduces engine wear and emissions. It includes semi truck parking heater, engine heater and fuel heater.

With an easy to install and mount design, VVKB Semi-truck Heaters meet the dynamic expectations of truck drivers during winter and freezing cold weather. The on-board diagnostic feature of this diesel heater for semi-trucks ensures safe and rapid heating.

From the truck driver and passenger compartment to the cargo area, VVKB Semi-truck Heater ensures comfort with constant heat supply. It uses the trucks diesel fuel and battery, but with voltage protection feature.

These semi-truck heaters are designed for immediate cost saving and environmental compliance. VVKB heaters are available in different designs and heating capabilities.

Vvkb Semi-Truck Heater

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