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Truck Camper Heater

Truck Camper Heater

RoHs, FCC and CE compliant

Rapid heating on comper

High-Quality heaters for your truck camper

10 Heaters Patent


VVKB Truck Camper Heaters are easy to install and lightweight diesel fired heaters. They come as parking heaters, fuel heaters and engine heaters.

As a leading truck night heater manufacturer, VVKB designs every truck camper heater for rapid and safe heating. It takes less than 10 minutes to warm truck camper, be it for offshore fishing, camping or beach diving.

With the VVKB Truck Camper Heaters, the cold freezing weather can no longer determine when to camp. It is comfortable and fun to enjoy the breath-taking beauty of winter camping with VVKB Truck Camper Heater.

The on-board diagnostics, efficient fuel consumption, virtually zero emissions and robust structure, ensure a fun filled day/night out during cold freezing weather.

Vvkb Truck Camper Heater

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