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Diesel Truck Heater

Diesel Truck Heater

CE, FCC, TUV and RoHS compliant

Universal design, hence fits most trucks

Robust, compact and ergonomic design

Easy to install, assemble, operate and integrate with existing systems

VVKB Diesel Truck Heaters guarantee an instant heat to the trucks’ engine, cabin, bunk ,cargo area and fuel. These diesel truck heaters include truck engine heaters, truck parking heaters and truck fuel heaters.

VVKB Diesel Truck Heaters burn diesel fuel to eliminate cold starting phenomenon in engines and ensure comfort in truck cabins.

These truck cabin & parking heaters have fuel efficient furnaces that burn less than 0.13gallons/hour to produce sufficient heat.

Every VVKB Diesel Truck Heater features a progressive upgrade in functionality, technology, configurations, and performance. This ensures rapid heating and deicing.

Safety diagnostic features and control system of VVKB Diesel Truck heaters guarantee soot free and safe combustion. Whether in freezing cold weather or winter, VVKB truck cabin & parking heaters reduce harmful emissions by 71% and fuel consumption by 24%.

cab heater for semi truck

Diesel Truck Heater

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