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How can a truck driver step up to be a truck heater dealer?

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Truck heaters are easy to find, but finding the one with excellent quality? It is hard. There are various truck heaters in the market. Yet, people struggle to find a crisp and refined quality, making it harder to choose.

Truck Heater
Truck Heater

Trucks are usually made to travel long distances. They usually need to install various truck heaters because of the weather. So, making the wrong choice of the truck heater can be fatal. This results in a waste of a lot of money and time for truck drivers. They also have to deal with various problems.

The heating effect and the stable quality are the things you find in good heaters. This way, you will also save a lot of time in maintenance and dealing with heater problems.

Let’s take a look at the real life example of a truck driver who steps up to be a truck heater dealer afterward.

Recommend to Start

Did you ever try to recommend a heater to someone? Once you recommend a heater to other truckers, people gain in that heater.

How do you do it? Firstly, you use the heater and experience it yourself. Then, you tell others the pleasant experience you get from using that heater.

Once you find a reliable quality in a heater, it becomes easier to recommend and gain the approval of others. The good quality of the heater is something every truck driver looks up to. The fellow truckers also can’t help but recommend it to other truckers.

Bunk Heater
Vvkb Truck Bunk Heater

A business opportunity opens up simply by recommending and growing a network. With proper networking, you can always start a truck heater business. The road to achieving success in a short time becomes easy.

Why You Need Truck Heaters

Every trucker experiences the hassle that the cold causes to their trucks and drivers, don’t they?

It is usual for truck drivers to face cold weather in high latitude areas. Later, the cold takes away the whole truck. Only then do drivers feel the need to use truck heaters. These heaters provide heat to the truck bedrooms, engines, and even fuel heaters.

Let us tell you the story of one of our customers, Jack. Jack used to be a long-haul truck driver before entering the heater sales business.

What do truckers do after a tiring day? We go to check on our neighborhood and chat with our fellow truckers. There they would have a chit-chat on various news and exciting stories. Sometimes he liked to browse the Web too.

Manually remove snow from the front windshield
Manually remove snow from the front windshield

In the wintertime, we often discuss about the heaters in our truck bedrooms. Sadly, some heaters have serious odors. Also, some heaters make noise that makes it painful to sleep. If you notice other heaters, they vibrate. It is even more unbearable than the noise.

Discover the Pain-points of Truck Heaters

Many issues arrive after you buy your heater. What do you do when such an issue arrives with your heater? Unfortunately, it takes both time and money to solve them.

Some truck engines come with pre-equipped block heaters. But, these block heaters are very tough to repair and replace if any issue arrives.

Now, let’s continue the story of Jack. Before, Jack used to do freight work in the southern part of the United States. Later, he had to drive his truck to the northern part of the U.S. and Canada. During this timestamp, Jack finds he lacks heating equipment for his truck’s bedroom.

Then, when Jack decides to buy a truck heater, there were so many of these heaters. This made Jack confused, given the difference of quality. He tried listening to other truckers. But, it was not an easy task to buy a reliable heater at a fair price.

Jack got to learn about different truck heaters through this process. Eventually, through a Google search, he finds out about the Vvkb heaters.

Listening to Others Suggestions before Choosing

Jack listened to many other truckers and searched Amazon for diesel heaters. There Jack found out that, most of the diesel heater brands are from China. They all look alike. As other truckers told Jack, these Chinese heaters are very cheap.

Jack had no confidence in these heaters. So, he wanted to know more about diesel heaters before to choose the right one.

Diesel Water Heater
Vvkb Diesel Engine Heater

So, Jack surfed through the Google. He got introduced to park heaters and how to choose the right diesel heater. On the first page of Google, he found an article on Vvkb heaters. Then, he remembered about other truckers opinion on Vvkb. The feedbacks from those truckers were very positive on Vvkb diesel heaters. These activities made Jack very interested in this article.

Read the Web Articles for Better Picture

While seeking help from Google, Jack found a guide to park heaters. The guide outlines how the pack heaters work. It also includes a variety of accessories, installation methods and premium brands. From this article, Jack got to know that Victor Industries Ltd is a very professional company.

Jack also came across an article on how to choose the best diesel heater. In that article, he learns that the control system of a heater determines constancy. He learns how the accessories around the heater affect its quality.

After reading these two articles carefully, Jack regained his confidence in Vvkb heater. And, he ends up a Vvkb diesel heater. He gets it from the Vvkb heater retail website: RVheater.com.

Search for the Refine Quality and Experience

After buying the heater and installing it on the truck, Jack was very pleased with the quality of the heater.

After waiting for about a week or so, Jack received the heater. The wrapping and appearance of the heater pleased Jack. Due to Jack’s previous experience, he knows the truck’s structure very well. He have excellent practical skills.

After buying the heater, Jack looks for the manufacturer’s advice. Then, Jack proceeds to set the heater up. Jack performed a brief inspection of the heater.

He finds out the diesel heater installation video. Then, he follows the video’s recommended method for installing the heater. The instructions seem very easy to Jack. It took him 47 minutes to install the heater. Finally, when he tested the heater, the heater worked. Now, he could finally rest in the warmth of his truck bedroom.

How to install the diesel heater

Due to the cold atmosphere in the northern U.S. and Canada, Jack’s truck engine also needed a heater. So, he browses the Vvkb’s webpage, he sets down with the Titan-P3 as his truck engine heater.

Truck Engine Heater
Truck Engine Heater Titan-P3

Again, he goes to the Vvkb’s YouTube channel. He follows the channel and easily sets up the engine heater.

After installing the heater, the low temperature is not an issue anymore. It all gets solved by energizing the heater only. The engine temperature can reach 10 degrees Celsius in less than 1 hour. So, Jack can start the engine quickly now.

Give Proper Reasons and Recommend Strongly

While using the engine block, it rarely showed failure. Jack notices it and realizes that the quality is good. Also, he knew it is because of the wear and tear of the engine.

So, Jack started recommending Vvkb heaters to other truckers. There he discovered an opportunity to do business. Let me tell you how it happened.

How Car Cooling System Works

As always, Jack used to have a chat with other truckers. He listened to others stories of various encounters with diesel heaters. Then, Jack said that his heaters had been running smoothly. He also added that he had not experienced these problems.

People showed a lot of interest in Jack’s heater and wanted to replace the old one with a new one.

Follow up the Recommendation with Actions

So Jack purchased the heaters for the truckers who needed them. Then, based on Vvkb’s recommendations, Jack provides these:

Vvkb Diesel Heater
Vvkb Diesel Heater Installation Kit

1. Heater mainframe

2. Control panel

3. Connection cables

4. Fuel pump

5. Exhaust pipe

6. Heavy-duty exhaust pipe clamps

7. Exhaust muffler

These truckers had diesel heaters in their trucks already. But, replacing them with new heaters appeared to be very easy. The set up was easy for everyone.

People are happy with how the new heater works. And talk about the new heater with their friends.

Soon, Jack was getting a lot of calls from people who wanted to buy heaters from Jack.

Jack also recommended the Vvkb engine block heater for the faulty heaters. They all saw how well Jack’s block heater worked. After that, they generally agreed that it was the heater they needed.

How to Install Vvkb Titan P1 Engine Heater

They all accepted Jack’s recommendation. So, they all installed the engine block heater Titan-P3 on their truck engine.

The Path Leading towards Business Opportunity

How would you feel if everyone listens to your opinion? Even better if they buy products you recommend?

Jack felt as if he had found a business opportunity and thought he could work on the sales of the heater as a side job.

So, Jack made his approach to our sales representative. Then, he talked about the possibility of becoming a distributor. Of course, we are very open to distributors like Jack, who are users turned distributors. Only the experienced ones get the motivation. Also, they tries to recommend heaters to other users.

Be the Guide for New-users

Some drivers who have purchased a truck heater and they don’t know how to install the truck heater. Jack suggests that they seek the help of a truck repair company.

Some of these users of Jack’s are those who already have other brands of heaters installed. They needed to replace them because of problems with the heater.

Install engine heater
Install Engine Heater

There are also diesel air heaters that need to set up because of the cold in the truck bedrooms. Unfortunately, some of these new users couldn’t set up the heater themselves.

Jack recommends these users go to a truck repair company for help. New users often seeks truck repair company to help them with the setup.

The heater installed by the truck repair company hardly fails. People wants to be able to buy the truck heater from Jack.

Truck driving in winter
Truck Driving in Winter

The truck repair engineers follow the setup notes. After the setup, they also check if it works.

After a period of plant, they found that the heaters installed rarely fails.

So, they also contacted Jack to have the Vvkb heaters in stock to provide the heaters to their customers.

Use The Experience and Grab the Market

Jack knows that the truck repair companies has a vast market. The market demand of this is huge. He is happy to work with the company too. So, he recommends suitable truck heaters for the truck repair companies. They all get the perfect winter solution.

Based on his experience, Jack provides these truck repair companies with:

Diesel engine heaters

Provides heat to the truck engine by burning diesel fuel. It allows the engine to start quickly at low temperatures. If the heater heats up enough, it can also provide hot air for the truck bedroom.

Diesel air heater

Bunk Heater
Diesel Air Heater Apollo-V1

Like a diesel engine heater. It heats the air in the truck bedroom, a very efficient heater.

Portable diesel heater

Diesel air heaters are troublesome to install. Drivers can choose a portable heater if they don’t live inside the truck bedroom for a long time. It links the diesel air heater system and the fuel tank in one housing.

It only needs to add fuel and connect the exhaust pipe, and the heater can work properly. It also has the advantage of moving freely from space to space where it needs the heat.

Truck engine block heater

This heater differs from the diesel engine heater. It is because its source of energy is the electricity. You need to have a power source that you can use where you park.

So, it works like a diesel engine heater. It provides heat to the coolant through an electric heating element. It also provides a built-in water pump to deliver the heated coolant to the inside of the engine. Thus, it allows the engine temperature to rise.

Fuel tank heater

When the temperature is too low, the fuel does not flow well. A large amount of fuel in the tank can also have waxing due to the low temperature.

Fuel Tank Heater
Fuel Tank Heater Zues-F3

It is difficult for the fuel to suck from the tank to the fuel line by the fuel pump. The tank heater heats the fuel around the pickup tube, making the diesel fuel flow more and very easy for the pickup tube ot suck.

Fuel Filter heater

Diesel fuel contains impurities and water. So it needs a heater to take off the germs. It contains oil and water separator. These tools helps to flash the germs off properly. This filtration is necessary.

Fuel Filter Heater Zues-F1

At 0 degrees Celsius, the water will freeze. It causes the diesel oil and water divider to lose its function. Therefore, it is necessary to use a heater to heat the diesel oil-water separator.

The diesel fuel filtered by the oil-water separator will also contain some water. So, the filter adapts in it. When the temperature drops, the water on the filter paper will freeze.

Fuel System

It also block out the filter. The filter heater allows the diesel fuel to pass through the filter smoothly.

Truck fuel heater

After the tank heater heats the fuel in the tank, it can smoothly enter the fuel delivery pipe. Yet, because the fuel delivery pipe is very thin, it faces many problems. So, we installed the fuel heater in the middle of the fuel line to provide heating for the fuel in the line and increase fuel flow. Some large trucks need 2-3 fuel heaters for installation.

Fuel Heater

These truck heaters are of different types and works on different functions. But, when used together, they are the perfect solution to the truck’s climate problem.

The engineers of the truck maintenance company know the importance of these heaters. They are glad that Jack can provide so many varieties of heaters. They all believe that they can maintain long-term cooperation with Jack.

Gain Confidence and Step Up

Some truck repair companies are the repair locations for some truck manufacturers. They have referred Jack to some truck manufacturers. These truck manufacturers believe that, having various heaters with their trucks is good. By getting these from the factory, they will gain competitive advantage.

Since Jack started selling truck heaters, he stopped working as a truck driver. Jack became a truck heater salesperson, and started his company. We are very excited about Jack’s future, and Jack is confident about the future of his company.

Final Word

Not everyone can do what Jack did here. It is clear that he shifted right from the bottom to top by following this strategy. For the first time, Jack came up with an outstanding idea to turn truck driver’s future to something better. It takes courage and confidence to be where he is.

So, If you take an interest in Jack’s accomplishments, you can become a heater sales too. A company owner like Jack can always join us as a dealer. You are also welcome to share this story with your friends to spread more career opportunities as well. Start by recommending today for the better change of tomorrow.

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