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Marine Engine Heater

Marine Engine Heater

Varying power setting options

Virtually maintenance free

CE, RoHS and FCC compliant

10 patents on parking heater and block heater

VVKB Marine Engine Heater features varying heating options, supplies safe and consistent heat to protect boat, yacht or ships’ engines from freezing. The unique design of this engine heater reduces wear and tear due to cold starting, CO2 emission and fuel consumption.

As a premier marine engine heater manufacturer, VVKB designs space-saving heaters that precisely fit boat engine compartment. With minimal assembly parts, quiet operation, in-built pump system, rapid heating and transfer, VVKB Marine Engine Heater meets the dynamic needs of all sailors.

The VVKB Marine Engine Heater is a virtually maintenance free engine heater that efficiently adds warmth to boat or ship engine during winter. It is suitable for all weather conditions in sea and ocean due to its versatile, compact and robust design.

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